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Aimee teaches trauma informed integrative workshop experiences both online and periodically at various venues around the UK on behalf of her school - ISOHH©, International School of Holistic Healing. Upcoming live events will be listed below. Aimee's events usually fill up fast and early booking is always recommended. For more immediate learning, access a selection of online masterclasses with Aimee and her incredible faculty of teachers by jumping across to explore the ISOHH platform or diving in to her online course now.

London workshop: radical freedom and the trauma informed path toward awakening 


A stunning one day immersion into trauma informed dharma and the teachings of classical tantra and Tibetan buddhism. A fully interactive experience including lectures, discussion, movement and meditation. 

Online workshop: there's nothing wrong with you


An illuminating and moving movement and meditation workshop experience taking us on a journey through attachment styles, complex trauma, a total unpacking of the ACES test (adverse childhood experiences) and how to heal with visualisation, breath work and the cultivation of self compassion.


"everything about aimee & her teaching is gently disruptive. I am sure her words will grace the pages of many books in time to come, but for now, i cant say what a privleage it is to call her my teacher"

Rachel, UK

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