Aimee teaches her unique trauma informed yoga and meditation retreats a few times a year in the UK and occasionally further afield. They are designed to be a journey, an experience that ripples out far beyond the container of the few days you spend away with her. Retreats are by application only - not to create an air of exclusivity, but simply so that Aimee can ensure the experience is appropriate for all those attending.

medicine buddha meditation retreat - cotswolds UK, JAN 20TH-22ND

Join Aimee for a deep dive into healing the potentiality of The Medicine Buddha Mandala through meditation, mantra and movement. Held at the luxury spa hotel - The Kingshead Cirencester-  in a historic Cotswold market town this will, as always, be an experience that leaves a deep mark in our hearts. 

"Deity meditations are central to Tibetan Buddhism and classical tantra (not modern sexual neo tantra) and are a lesser known vehicle for healing and realisation in the west where we tend to focus almost exclusively on breath or mindfulness based meditation. These potent practices are deeply transformative holding within them the potential to completely reconfigure our relationship to who we are, repattern our neural pathways and steer us towards awakening more rapidly than we ever imagined possible. As a trauma specialist I view this style of practice as being true medicine for our deepest wounds. Medicine Buddha contains a very special kind of magick - the potential for all encompassing physical, mental and emotional healing. healing. Our journey together in to his mandala is an experience I feel deeply privileged to be able to share." - Aimee


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"what can i say - i didn't expect much from just 3 days of teaching but once again, you've blown me away. everything you do teach and share, brings tears, joy, and some kind of magic""

jaspreet, uk

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