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Aimee teaches her unique Unwind™ retreat intensives a few times a year in varying locations across the UK, Europe and occasionally further afield, usually individually, and on special occasions with an esteemed colleague.


Unwind™ retreats are trauma informed, live and responsive, meaning that regardless of the theme that Aimee may loosely design a specific retreat around, all the teaching, practice and therapeutic guidance offered is crafted in real time in accordance with the needs of the group and what the individuals bring in to the space. These unqiue retreats are an unforgettable experience. Utilising her therapeutic skillset, years of meditative experience, the teachings and practices of Indo-Tibetan Tantra (not to be confused with sexually oriented modern neo-tantra), trauma informed psychological somatics, Kum Nye, movement, breath, and meditation, they are designed to be a journey - an experience that ripples out far beyond the container of the few days you spend with her.


Retreats are by application only - not to create an air of exclusivity, but simply so that Aimee can ensure the experience is appropriate for all those attending. These retreats are generally not recommended for those who have not yet embarked upon a personal therapeutic journey or for those without at least a small amount of movement and meditation exposure.

Please note: that Aimee's schedule is fully booked throughout 2023 and that her next open application retreats will take place in 2024 - they are not yet open for registration. If you would like to receive notice of when booking becomes available do sign up to the newsletter at the bottom of the page. Places are limited and spaces fill up fast.

"the wild serene"


Silence is not an induced or synthesised state as many of us mistakenly believe - it is not something we are meant to produce in meditation. Silence is the container of all things, ever present and eternal. It lies beneath, behind, around and within the incessant noise we find hard to escape. Meditation reveals the quiet.


We crave it, and yet we are terrified of it. Always filling.


A world full of noise, creates a heart and mind that mirror the same. A heart and mind full of noise create a world that mirrors the same.  Silent retreat has been used within many spiritual traditions for 1000s of years. It is particularly present within Buddhism, traditionally known as Vipassana. Vipassana means insight or vividness. In the quiet what was foggy and unclear, becomes crystalline. In the quiet we hear the voices we have been running from,  but we also begin to hear the inner voice of wisdom that we have been yearning to connect with. We hear ourSelves.

Days will be spent in silence in the beautiful Cotswold country side alongside teachings from the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra and movement and meditation practices designed to invoke healing, transformation and change, with dialogue only being opened during afternoon group explorations/therapeutic circles/workshops and dinner time. 


The Autumn/Winter transition is an invitation to hibernate, to begin to draw deeply inward. Come and enter the wild serene with Aimee in the retreat cave of the Cotswold Park Barns.


This retreat is not appropriate for total beginner practitioners and is designed for those looking to deepen their therapeutic journey and advance their meditation practice. Only private rooms are available for this retreat experience and in turn, more limited placements than usual.


dates unconfirmed 

​What if Buddha were a woman? How would our view of what it means to be woman shapeshift if our awakened idols were female? How would the world be different if "God" were a woman? How might religious and spiritual traditions have progressed and formed differently if they were founded, grown and nurtured within a matriarchal landscape? What are our collective and individual wounds as women? 

Using the female archetypes and iconoclastic teachings of Classical Tantra, alongside trauma informed somatic psychology, movement and meditation join Aimee on this powerful journey and exploration of what it means to be Woman.


Grieve. Heal. Cry. Rage. Laugh . Love . Unlock. Unleash. Embrace. Unravel. Dance. Die. Create. ReBirth.


This intensive retreat is led entirely by the content and themes that the group bring in to the space with all workshops, practice sessions and therapeutic exploration offered spontaneously and intuitively by Aimee in  response to the needs of the group.


This promises to be a therapeutic and spiritual deep dive and it is suggested that all applicants come in with prior therapeutic and meditative experience of some form. 

"What can I  say - I didn't expect much from just 3 days of teaching but once again, you've blown me away. everything you do teach and share, brings tears, joy, and some kind of magic"

Jaspreet, UK

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