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As a trauma specialist, integrative somatic therapist Aimee is available for one to one sessions and holds several online groups. She also teaches movement, meditation and classical tantra/Tibetan Buddhism. To learn more scroll down, or to check Aimee's availability, get in touch.

"Warning ... this woman heals broken souls! It was a gift of an experience to meet Aimee. She shone a light in to the fog for me in a way I just wasn't expecting. If you can be a little brave, peace and happiness is yours for the taking under the guidance of this beautiful, strong, insightful and intelligent woman."

Hannah, UK

Trauma Informed Mind-Body Therapy 

Aimee is an integrative trauma informed somatic therapist, the founder of ISOHH© (International School of Holistic Healing) and the creator of Soul Medicine Somatics©. She is an ACCPH fellow and supervisor (Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists & Hypnotherapists) and works as a therapeutic trauma specialist online with clients all over the world. Her approach to healing and wellbeing is truly holistic - skilfully addressing the emotional, psychological, somatic, and spiritual needs of each individual client. She specialises in Trauma (PTSD), Complex Trauma (CPTSD), Anxiety, Depression, Low Self Esteem, Codependency, Addictions & Recovery.


To book a free consultation with Aimee, get in touch: 


Specialist Trauma Work

Aimee is a therapeutic trauma specialist specialising in complex PTSD. Her work is heavily influenced by the work of leaders in the field such as Deb Dana, Babette Rothschild, Dr Bessel Van der Kolk, Dr Gabor Mate, and Dr Peter Levine. Within the framework of her unique therapeutic model she employs a number of approaches & principles on the cutting edge of trauma treatment including:

Inner child & parts therapy work

Polyvagal theory 

Bilateral stimulation & eye movement reprocessing 

Somatic (body-based) trauma release techniques 

Healing practice from the wisdom traditions

Diagnostic tapping

"Most of what we suffer with is trauma - old stress and emotional pain stuck in the system. Trauma can be an acutely distressing one time event such as a rape or mugging, or even seemingly simple things like a minor car crash or routine surgery. Trauma can also be caused by exposure to various forms of emotional stress over a prolonged period of time. Many of us had stressful and emotionally wounding childhood experiences because we are growing up in a society that is suffering collectively.

If we are in any way symptomatic - suffering with anxiety, depression, addictions, co-dependency, low self esteem, chronic pain or fatigue, immunity issues, chronic health problems etc ... we likely are suffering with some form of trauma (PTSD or Complex PTSD) - whether or not we understand why. Trauma is a fact of life and experiences that leave a trauma imprint take many forms, some virtually invisible to the untrained eye. Very often until we resolve the underlying trauma (original wound), we will continue to experience dis-ease or imbalance or struggle in one way or another.


There is nothing wrong with us, something happened to us"  - Aimee Rai


"Aimee is unquestionably highly skilled in both her therapeutic role and that of teacher. But above and beyond that, she will quite simply love you back to life - something I think we’ve probably forgotten how to do in our culture. It’s powerful beyond words and she has changed my life with her fierce, unfaltering and intensely gentle care." 

Kate, US

Soul Medicine Somatics© 

Meditation, mindfulness, movement, breath and sound are all powerful spiritual practices as well as being incredible tools for accessing mind/body healing and wellbeing. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated the enormous benefits of such practices indicating their ability to alleviate anxiety, diminish depression, treat trauma and restore a general sense of well-being.

Originally trained in Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Aimee went on to study the physiology of trauma, somatic healing and the non-dual teachings of classical tantra & Tibetan Buddhism. Aimee has also danced throughout her life and has a deep and natural understanding of the ways the body speaks to us and how to use its wisdom to generate healing. She is a warm, wise and dynamic teacher, much loved by her students, and now offers her unique trauma informed Soul Medicine Somatics© sessions - a potent fusion of posture, dynamic movement, breath, sound, and meditation in her signature retreats and workshops. A small selection of practices is also available on her YouTube Channel.

Somatic Spirituality &

The Embodied Path

Whether new to the path or decades down the line, at various stages along the spiritual way we often hit a block. We feel that there is more to unfold but that we no longer know how to access it. At this stage a mentor or "spiritual friend" can be helpful.


Aimee's takes a trauma informed approach to the spiritual path integrating modern psychology with ancient view. She is skilled guide, and takes great joy from supporting others others to evolve their personal practice, advance their study and deepen their self enquiry.

As a student and practitioner of classical Tantra and Tibetan Buddhism Aimee is an advocate of the real raw spiritual  journey, the kind that forms deep roots in our day to day lives. She believes that the spiritual path is the journey in to our humanity, not away from it, often citing the mantra "down and in, not up and out". She believes that the spiritual path is not meant to become another method of self escape, but instead a practice of surrender in to all that is. She is not one for spiritual pleasantries or bypass, but one to help her students journey in to the grit and grace of their unique human experience. 

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