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relaxation as the key to healing

A trauma informed online course including 12 life changing modules. Foster wellbeing and emotional balance through the art and science of nervous system regulation.


All these things are usually in part, symptoms of stored stress, unprocessed emotion and a nervous system that is dysregulated (either overwhelmed or in total collapse).


As we learn how to support our nervous system to heal and how to regulate our stress and emotions moment to moment, our symptoms often begin to self resolve.This course is designed to empower you to heal yourself -to learn -step by step, week by week, one practice at a time how to soothe and stabilise your nervous system and relax in to yourself and your life in a way that is both simple and sustainable.


This course isn't designed to be something you do for a few weeks and then forget about. These teachings and practices will stay with you for life and change the way you experience yourself and the inevitable challenges of being human. With just a little commitment, and the support of Aimee's expert teaching and guidance you can learn how to move through life with more grace, humour, curiosity, energy and ease than ever before.

Do you experience:

  • Anxiety or excessive worry?

  • Depression or fatigue?

  • Shame and low self esteem?

  • Difficulty with boundaries and self assertion?

  • Challenges with attention deficit or memory?

  • Difficulty with procrastination, decision making or motivation?

  • Addiction issues, compulsive behaviours and feeling out of control?

  • Emotional overwhelm or difficulty feeling?

"I have suffered with anxiety and depression my whole life and after only a few weeks I'm starting to feel more calm, confident and energised. I've worked with a few different therapists over the years and done some meditation and yoga, but this is different - the practices are more simple and yet somehow more effective. This course is amazing. Thank you Aimee! "

Sandra, Spain


Lifetime access to12 self paced  life changing modules including video and audio instructions with supporting pdfs. 

Easily accessible online through any browser. Downloadable files for anytime access

Every module offers one talk and one new practice. This course is designed to be manageable.

Learn how to bypass the mind and tap the healing power of your body with a variety of simple but potent somatic practices to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and more.

Learn about your nervous system, polyvagal theory, trauma and how your symptoms are signposts (there's nothing wrong with you) 

Throughout the 12 modules you will learn:

Your Teacher AND Course Guide

Integrative therapist specialising in trauma and somatics + movement and meditation teacher

''Symptoms are signposts. Anxiety, depression, low self esteem, addictions issues, chronic pain and fatigue (to name just a few) are all symptoms of trauma. What is trauma? In simple terms trauma is any experience that left us with unresolved emotional pain and unprocessed stress in our nervous system. Modern life demands too much of us, but most of us also carry some form of stored stress/trauma from childhood - even if our family was fundamentally ''normal'' or happy. When we begin to gently tend to our emotional self and learn how to regulate our nervous system, our symptoms often begin to self  resolve and the ease and aliveness that we have been seeking begin to emerge. This is a process of healing, not fixing. There is nothing wrong with us, something happened to us and we simply need to learn to lovingly recover the natural Self that got buried beneath the burden of our past experiences. 

I lived with chronic addictions, anxiety, depression, fatigue, eating disorders and terribly low self esteem most of my life.  I don't live under the weight of any of these things today. In this course I am not just sharing the science, the psychology and my professional perspective, I am also sharing the tools that I have personally used on a daily basis over the last 15 years. I know that change is possible, because I am living it.

I would love you to join me on this simple but incredibly powerful journey so that you too can begin to reclaim your peace and your power through the science and art of relaxation and self regulation.


The idea of this course is that I teach you simple practices that pack a punch. Its not just what we are doing, its how were doing it - the subtleties matter. We can read a few posts on instagram about self regulation and grasp a little of the theory, but to bring the teachings to life within the fabric of our day to day lives is a very different thing. I hope that with a little support from me, these practices and principles work the magic for you that they have for me and so many of my clients. This is the stuff that we should have been taught in school. It's life changing, and once we have learnt how to navigate our mind-body system - the skill of self regulation - we wonder how we survived without it."

With love always, Aimee x


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